To support OnePlus' sponsorship of the 2022 Boston Marathon, we created the Capture Every Moment platform and activated on-site at the race and on social media through content series and an innovative Snapchat filter.
All roads led to the OnePlus / BAA landing page at where we captured leads from visitors. To entice people to visit and enter in their information, we added value to our audience’s time online in 3 ways;
Access to the Unicorn Instagram FIlter
Access to curated collections from our photographer influencers
Entry into a sweepstakes for a BAA / OnePlus co-branded prize package
These opportunities were communicated in the BAA newsletter, BAA Runner Bag inserts, BAA and OnePlus social channels, and via our influencers as described in the following pages. and resulted in 41,000 page views and 66,000 new leads.
The BAA Unicorn emblem was placed throughout Boston with OnePlus branded messaging that congratulated people for finding the Unicorn and encouraged them to capture that moment 
Via a QR code on the sticker/signage, the fans were driven to the OnePlus landing page where they gained access to our branded Snapchat filter that turned them into a Unicorn too! 
Taking dramatic inspiration from the BAA logo, this wasn’t just any unicorn, this was a marathon running black stallion with fiery mane and a shard of glass for a horn. 
The filter activation resulted in 13,000 captures, 962 shares, and 515,000 impressions.
Our prize package featured the brand-new just launched OnePlus 10 Pro alongside a limited-edition Boston Marathon branded Otterbox case to make sure the winners’ new gift survives through every journey.
The intricately designed packaging featured unicorn artwork inspired by our exclusive Instagram filter and included raised textures and premium build to create something truly awe-worthy.
With the goal of maximizing lead generation and authentically linking the OnePlus brand with the Boston Marathon, the social content strategy was broken into three unique concepts.
Why We Run
Sometimes people run for themselves, sometimes people run for others or for a cause. Why We Run profiled 6 runners, telling their stories of why they are ran the Marathon and what cause they raised money for. 
A custom graphic for each runner was created, highlighting information about the individual, the charity they support, and the general community, 
Hidden Gems
With photos taken on the TenPro of 10 ‘Hidden Gem’ locations along the marathon route, the carousel graphic allowed followers to see beautiful and unique sections of the course that they may have never knew existed through the lens of OnePlus.
Additionally we levered influencers to promote the program and the features of the new device.
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