To raise awareness for their new brand identity, Metro by T-Mobile brought us in to design and produce a 2-day experience in New York City's Grand Central Station. The activation featured Google and photographer Jill Weinstein, VR and AR from T-Mobile, and a life-sized echo from Amazon. The festivities were led off with the introduction of their celebrity spokesperson, Keegan-Michael Key.
Event results:
•150,000-200,000 commuters passed by the Pop Up in Vanderbilt Hall over the two-day period
•Approximately 1,000 attendees and engagements inside the Pop-Up footprint over the two days

PR highlights/results:
•Secured Top Tier media coverage from Reuters, Fortune, USA Today, CNET, Adweek, Cheddar, etc.
•Since the October 8 pop-up event, overall coverage specific to Keegan-Michael Key’s involvement has appeared in 22 articles (34.4 percent of unique coverage since announcement) - with all those pieces including event videos, images or a combination of both.
•PR coverage reinforced how the new Metro would continue to provide strong prepaid services while introducing 5G to the prepaid market securing media interviews onsite at the pop-up event in New York with titles including People, CNET and Adweek.
•Key’s involvement in the campaign has also appeared in articles for People , US Weekly and InTouch Magazine with photo stories (including Brand mentions) appearing in several other lifestyle and entertainment publications. 
•An article in Adweek highlighted how the partnership between Metro by T-Mobile and Keegan-Michael Key came about because the actor wanted to work with brands that help to make necessities more affordable.
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