For the FIFA World Cup, every 4 years, Coca-Cola supports their sponsorship of the tournament by inviting all of the Executive Leadership and Priority Account Leaders to the event and treats them to a one of a kind hospitality experience. 
In 2022, that brought us to Doha, Qatar, and a challenge not just in logistic and budgeting but also a challenge to make something unique to the moment and the culture. 
What resulted was none other than, "The best Coca-Cola executive experience ever," as described by Brad Ross, VP Global Sports & Entertainment Marketing and Partnerships.
Working within the visual direction established with the FWC brand campaign while introducing new themes for the local culture, was an important aspect to let guests feel like they are at home, at a Coca-Cola event, while giving them a taste of the eclectic word outside our controlled hospitality experience. 
To achieve that, we created a custom Mashrabiya pattern using the shape of Coca-Cola bottles as a burst within a tradition Arabic arrangement. This pattern was then repurposed for premiums, video animations, furniture accents, and other CNC elements throughout the space. The local production team stated that they had never seen a custom Mashrabiya created perfectly on the first try.
One of the most important goals for the in-house agency teams, and other brands under the Coca-Cola umbrella, was to inform senior leadership teams of everything they had been working on for the consumer marketing, throughout the year. This required coordination with  10+ other creatives and brand teams within Coca-Cola, sourcing content from Coca-Cola's proprietary CMS, and getting approvals from all stakeholders.
In addition to our main hospitality experience at the St. Regis, we activated at our sister location, The Intercontinental Hotel, An Arabian Night out at Yasmine Palace, and The Affiliates Village on-site at Lusail Stadium. 
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