American Express Experience at Panorama Music Festival

Art Direction, Motion Graphics

In 2016, American Express was a founding sponsor for the first ever Panorama music festival in NYC. The came to us to create an exciting experience that would fit in with the energy of the new festival. There were nearly 15,000 visits to our first floor space, where fans created customized sunglasses and 360 light-painting photos that they shared across social networks Almost 4,000 unique Card Members (not including their plus ones) enjoyed our Card Member Club on the second level... which means we engaged over 8K festival attendees in our exclusive experience. Nearly 600,000 Instagram engagements were sparked by a comprehensive social media strategy which generated 90 posts, and made it into Panorama’s Snapchat Story Over 65M PR impressions, including features in AdWeek, InStyle, New York Business Journal, and Mashable’s snapchat

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